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Winner: Penguin Random House or HarperCollins?

Jeremy Greenfield

Figuring out which publisher’s ebooks made the best first-quarter-showing overall, Amazon Publishing’s latest best-seller list achievement, improving the digital marketing game and much more.

Amazon Publishing Has Another No. 1 Best-Seller, Divergent Slips

Jeremy Greenfield

Amazon Publishing joins an extremely exclusive club this week on the ebook best-seller list: publishers with more than one No. 1 best-seller this year. Until this week, HarperCollins was the exclusive member of that club, with its Divergent hit taking …

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Rich Bellis

UNESCO Sees Mobile’s Potential to Boost Global Literacy

Rich Bellis

Not only is the spread of mobile devices around the world creating new access to content and boosting literacy, ...

Pavan Arora

A Plea: Let Some Ebook Data Flow

Pavan Arora

This content was provided by Aptara.  Historically, when all others are concentrating on lowering costs, quality ...

Digital Adolescence: Reflections on LBF

John Pettigrew

Growing up as an industry can be painful, but LBF gave signs that we’re getting there. It’s nearly two ...

Beth Bacon

Ebook, Used Book, or New? The Choice Reflects A Range of Values

Beth Bacon

The other day I walked past a used bookstore. My eyes fell on a dog-eared paperback of Shelley’s Frankenstein. If I ...

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